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Creating technology that works for farmers and consumers

We are a team of passionate agriculture enthusiasts and techies committed to changing farmers' lives by improving their access to fair markets and providing high quality fresh produce to our customers

KwikBasket Farmer Technology
What's in it for farmers?
  • Realtime advisories and insights
  • Comprehensive operational support
  • Fair prices for their produce
KwikBasket Consumer Technology
What we offer our customers?
  • A seamless digital experience
  • High quality fresh produce deliveries
  • Good value for their money
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We're always getting to know you better

At KwikBasket, we're constantly innovating to design profitable models and build delightful user experiences while crafting digital tools to further streamline our efficiency. Using Artificial Intelligence, we learn customer preferences and customize their in app experience making placing orders quick and hassle free.

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Everyday is payday for our farmers

We're always engaging farmers. We continuously collect and analyze our customers' data, understanding their purchasing habits inside out. With this data, we advise farmers on what to plant, in what quantities and when to do so. Better yet, we pay our farmers fairly, immediately we source produce from them!

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What if we told you it's possible to do a background check on your veggies? We use IoT devices and sensors all across our supply chain. These enable our customers to not only track delivery progress but also know what environmental conditions the produce is being subjected to while in transit.

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Some of our strategic partners

Our partners are companies involved in the fresh produce agriculture supply chain. We've partnered with suppliers, logistics providers, cold storage facilities, farmer insurance brokers, seed suppliers, soil testing experts and agricultural research organizations.

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