Our Technology

The evolution of digital technology has changed the horizons of ecommerce industry all over the world. The consumer no longer buys the same way, and the companies no longer sell the same. But in the case of the Business to Business industry there is another type of relationship that is without end-customers or consumers, but between two business entities. KwikBasket has adopted digital services & technologies to get in touch with targeted corporate/ institutional buyers. our customers get quality fresh produce from farmers at their doorstep with customized pricing. With IoT and Digital Agriculture backend systems our customers and farmers always get benefited with our products and services.

KwikBasket Digital Agriculture
Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things shows its potential to the fullest in our supply chain process. Our Delivery Management, Operations, forecasting, and oversight help us improve in our operational efficiency of distribution and brings transparency to our customers.

Tracking and monitoring are the main objectives in our IoT Systems, here are the most prominent effects of IoT on our supply chain,

  • Real-time Tracking

    Our Operations teams get real-time data regarding the location of our delivery vehicles, in-bound arrivals and the environment. We are alerted if the orders shipped are moving in the right direction to our customer delivery points. Our customers get notified about the arrival of their orders in real-time.

  • Storage condition monitoring

    Our fulfilment centers are equipped with environmental sensors. Our supply chain team can monitor the environment and other factors that could compromise the product’s integrity.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and Supply Chain

At KwikBasket.com we use Artificial intelligence to help farmers in understanding the data insights such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and other important parameters. With historic data analysis, we offer farmers with better comparison for desired outcomes. Bringing AI into Agriculture - Techno Brain along with KwikBasket.com has been working with large farmer groups and co-operatives in the region along with Governments to improve farming practices and help famers realize the full potential of Technology in getting higher revenues for their produce while minimizing the post-harvest wastage.

  • Crop and Soil Monitoring

    Our aGrowChain framework leverages computer vision and deep-learning algorithms to process data in monitoring crop and soil health.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Machine learning models are being developed to track and predict various environmental impacts on crop yield such as Climate, Pest Control, Yield Simulation and Demand/ Supply Insights.

  • Controlled pesticide usage

    With our data models and deep learning algorithms we help farmers to keep a check on the weed which helps them in being responsible while spraying chemicals. We encourage farmers to reduce the usage of the fertilizers on entire field.

KwikBasket Digital agriculture

Decision Support
for specific actions needed by each crop

KwikBasket Digital agriculture

Satellite Imagery
for consulting vigor and water stress indices

KwikBasket Digital agriculture

Realtime alerts
for pests and diseases which can affect crops

KwikBasket Digital agriculture

Agronomic management
of farms for collecting and analyzing data on your fields

KwikBasket Digital agriculture

Traceability solutions
and integration with agricultural machineries